Fan Banners and Signs seen on Monday Night Football

Here are some of the amazing homemade signs and banners that football fans brought to hang from the stands in the stadiums over the early years of Monday Night Football (MNF) from 1970-1983.

Howard Cosell for President

The Steel Curtain

Turn out the lights the party's over!

The Giffer

Bradshaw's Brigade

Gerela's Gorillas

The house the Juice built

Welcome home O.J.

 We love Cosell

Joe Greene's Polish Army

Dwight White

Hi mom, please send money

Oilers hook the Dolphins

Mongo Alex Karras

Frank Gifford for king

Ken MacAfee

Howard - Giff - Dandy in Cleveland



Hi ABC. Shari dont have the baby till I get home! Love, Hank

The Purple Bus - St. Paul


Dallas Cowboys


Roone Arledge

Tell it like it is

Unknown Fans at a 1978 Eagles @ Giants Game

Unknown Fans at a 1978 Eagles @ Giants Game